Encapsulation & placental services

I pride myself on thorough placental preparation with a turn around, usually within 24 hours. I only process 1 placenta at a time to ensure a hygienic environment between clients. I’ve attended all requirements to be able to safely handle your placenta in a loving and hygienic environment, ensuring the highest standard is maintained during the entire cooking process.

It’s thought the human placenta is loaded with many hormones and nutrients that helped protect both you and your baby during pregnancy. Many clients claim benefits postnatally including but not limited to:

❤︎Less bleeding postpartum ❤︎Increase in milk supply ❤︎may protect agains postnatal depression ❤︎ better quality sleep ❤︎good source of protein ❤︎high in iron❤︎ less stress

My service includes pick up of your placenta from your birth place, encapsulation, instructions on consuming, storage, FREE delivery to Bathurst, Orange, Mudgee & Lithgow.

Placental Booking form is available.

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Raw Method Placental Encapsulation: Raw food activists claim though cooking some of the nutrient content is lost. Raw method provides a high nutrient and hormonal dense capsule. Don’t worry, the steaming process is skipped – it’s not raw pieces of placenta placed in capsules. It’s been specifically air dried & ground in to a fine powder. Cost $280, extra for Twins

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM): Focus’ on qi (energy), the focus is on resting and nourishing the body with warm, cooked foods. Resting helps with the channeling of qi to the baby to help it grow and thrive, whilst the mother uses warmth to nourish her body. The placenta is gently steamed or heated with warming herbs such as ginger, chilli & turmeric before being specially air dried and then ground. Cost $280 $50 extra for twins

❤︎❤︎If you would like 1/2 TCM & 1/2 Raw: This is possible for an additional cost of $50. This may be beneficial for you, ask for details❤︎❤︎

Placenta encapsulation usually yields approximately 100-200 capsules. I use vegan friendly capsules that are small for easy swallowing.

Placenta Keepsakes

This method it utterly stunning. Can be added to encapsulation for an additional $20 (Placenta must be dropped off & print & placenta picked up from Bathurst if birthing elsewhere. Travel costs may be incurred for surrounding areas if pick up/drop off is required). Prints are made using natural, environmentally friendly – non toxic paints. Prints are laminated so there is no cross contamination and will make a stunning print for your baby book or for framing.

Umbilical keepsakes are provided FREE with encapsulation, $20 without encapsulation. Placenta must be dropped off and print/placenta picked up from Bathurst. If birthing elsewhere travel costs may be incurred for surrounding areas if pick up/drop off is required. Postage can be organised but postage cost will be at clients expense.

Please note that depending on the length of the umbilical cord, keepsakes may vary.

Placenta Prints


Using only natural colours & comes laminated

Umbilical keepsakes


FREE with placenta encapsulation

Packages available

The Lotus
  • Webcam lactation consult
  • Placental encapsulation (any method)
  • Placenta tincture
  • Placenta print
  • FREE umbilical keepsake
The Rose
  • Placental encapsulation TCM or Raw
  • Placenta tincture
  • Placenta print
  • FREE umbilical keepsake
The Iris
  • Placenta Encapsulation TCM or raw
  • Placenta Print
  • FREE umbilical keepsake
The Frangipani
  • Placenta tincture
  • Placenta Print
  • Umbilical Keepsake

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