The lotus flower represents power, hope and strength. It’s a symbol that shows that regardless where you are in life you can rise above, overcoming negativity & find bliss as you arise from your daily struggles. As a new mum it’s important to celebrate the little wins. The lotus flower symbolises so much of what it feels like to be a mum.

Mum to 3 beautiful children – 1 is nearly a teenager (help me), wife, nurse, midwife, lactation consultant and placental lover. I ❤︎ all the roles I play

I’m Kristine

Hi, I hope you’re keeping well. With the many roles women play these days it’s essential we look after ourselves in order to care for the ones we love.


Services I can offer you

Face-to-face lactation consults

Placental encapsulation & tinctures

Webcam lactation consults

Placental prints & umbilical keepsakes

What I’ve done before

I’m a registered midwife and nurse. I trained at a large tertiary hospital, where I continued to work for many years teaching students & midwives in the clinical setting, also as a clinical midwife. Now days I work in a rural hospital as a nurse and midwife, predominately caring for women and their baby’s thought their pregnancy, during and after birth. It is an amazing career and I highly recommend it.

7 years ago my passion for breastfeeding grew. I was inspired by a good friend to commence training to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). With a load of determination, 2 young children & working full time I succeeded in my study & have been practicing as an IBCLC ever since. Being a lactation consultant is the most rewarding job I’ve had. Empowering women when they may have been struggling & even when all is going well is the best feeling in the world.

The human placenta is something that evokes some sort of awe & wonder in me. Recently I’ve attended study which has allowed me to be able to lovingly prepare placentas in to capsules which is of great benefit to the mum post birth. I had this done with my last baby (if it was an option with my other baby’s I would’ve done it too). Whether it was of a placebo effect or it truly has many benefits that haven’t been unlocked yet, I loved taking them. I felt like it really supported me postnatally.

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